Sample Yosemite Wilderness Hike

For a Father, Son and Girlfriend

The Real Yosemite

Owen, from Orlando, Florida, was about to graduate from college. His father, John, wanting to give him a present he would never forget, asked us to plan a private Yosemite hiking tour for three: John, Owen and Owen’s longtime girlfriend, Jess. They wanted to bond as a family without their daily phone calls, emails, laptops and iPads, and see the best of Yosemite—away from the crowds.

Below is a brief description of the tour we provided, published with their permission, as an example of what we can offer.

Day 1

Before Yosemite’s Wilderness

To be sure the family was adequately prepared, we conducted a mandatory meeting in San Francisco to go over our private wilderness hike step-by-step, which included providing each family member his or her own hiking equipment, such as an ultralight tent, mattress and rucksack, and going over the proper apparel and manners for a Yosemite backcountry hike. By the end, after answering the families’ questions, we were ready for the outdoors.

The next morning, we departed San Francisco and saw many of the Yosemite tourist sights, and were about to see so much more.

Explore on Foot

Day two was our opportunity to forget about the traditional Yosemite crowds and instead hike ourselves into the wilderness. It was John, Owen and Jess’s first full day in Yosemite’s wondrous natural environment, and with our equipment, meals and wilderness-trained Yosemite guide, it went smoothly. The family could concentrate on connecting with each other, rather than being engrossed in maps or getting lost on a trail.

That night, we cooked our campfire meals under the stars and ended our day without hearing one car horn.

Day 2

Our Workout Day

Today was the family’s day to experience the incredible Yosemite views firsthand. We climbed the switchbacks of our trail—with plenty of breaks for healthy snacks and fresh distilled water along the way—and ascended over a ridgeline to see spectacular views of Yosemite to the horizon. There was no rush for us because we had all day to arrive at our destination. Our campsite was on the edge of a pristine lake and waiting for us when we arrived.

No hike in Yosemite is complete without a sweat, and soaking our toes never felt so good.

Saying Farewell

John, Owen and Jess were a wonderful family to be around, with good attitudes and an obvious love of nature. They were open to a bespoke experience unlike any other and had the tenacity to hike just as John Muir did in the 1800s. It was such a meaningful and bonding experience, by the end of our wilderness hike, nobody cared who was the guide and who was a guest.

A little sore, a little sunburnt, but closer together as a family (and a friend), we conquered Yosemite how it should be done: on foot and away from the crowds.

Day 3

Disconnect to Connect

Sometimes the greatest present you can give yourself is the reconnection to self and family through nature. Unfortunately, though, in today’s connected society, many rarely do, even when visiting Yosemite, one of the first National Parks on earth. Only when one is forced to put the phone down (except for stellar photo ops) and hike can a person truly understand that there are connections among us that are stronger than a cellular one.

A Quick Recap

By The Numbers

16 miles of trails
9+ Yosemite Landmarks
1 Iconic National Park
1 Satisfied Family

Our Mission

In this ever busy, techno-crazy world, we understand the need to breathe and recharge without multiple distractions, and there’s no better way than to go deep into the wilderness, away from the noise and chaos of life. It’s a gift not many experience, especially in a stellar Instagram location such as Yosemite National Park—without the ever-growing tourists crowding the trails.

 Luxury and bespoke for us means the ability to get away from the crowds the park draws each year and connect with authentic Yosemite nature—privately, with only you and your chosen companions. Led by a White Wolf Private Tours expert, clients reach these pristine spots on foot, away from the crowds, as natives and naturalist John Muir once did.

 To us, a private bespoke tour is so much more than eating caviar and drinking fine wine; it’s about balancing the body and mind.

Where We Went

On Our Private Yosemite Wilderness Hike

A Note from White Wolf Private Tours

The majority of tourists who visit Yosemite do the same thing: fight the crowds to see Yosemite Valley in one day. Not many, though, go in the opposite direction of the crowds and do a private wilderness hike, the same kind John Muir did, the kind that makes you fall in love with a wonder like Yosemite, leaving one eager to return again and again.

The world is big; there are many places to see. We hope when you are done with your wilderness hike with us you won’t need to see Yosemite again. But you will want to.

What John, Owen & Jess say about us

“Thanks again for a fantastic trip and trek. We had a great time and made
lifelong memories.”

John H.Orlando, Florida

“Awesome four days and I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon White Wolf. I will definitely come back to Yosemite.”

Owen H.Orlando, Florida

“Yosemite was the most highly anticipated part of my summer and it did not disappoint!”

Jess A.Orlando, Florida