Welcome to White Wolf Private Tours

Imagine a custom Yosemite tour planned for you, absent of tour buses or unqualified private drivers. At White Wolf, we show you the best Yosemite has to offer from guides who actually spend time here. Instead of roughing it, we ride in a luxury private Mercedes-Benz SUV. You’re not a number to us, rather a valuable friend we host in our home. Welcome to White Wolf Private Tours — the way an experience in Yosemite should be.

Private Tours from
San Francisco to Yosemite

We’re different because when we’re not showing you Yosemite, we’re in Yosemite — to learn, explore and discover the hidden spots and secrets only a local expert can provide. We pride ourselves in correct, up-to-date information from trustworthy sources, and can take you from your doorstep in San Francisco to one of the most beautiful places on earth in only one day. Our warm and friendly service goes beyond a tour. We are your host to see Yosemite — the right way.

How Does it Work?

Tell us what kind of experience you are looking for and we will tailor your luxury private tour to fit your desires. Whether you have a list of places you wish to see or you’re looking for a completely planned and guided experience, this day will be customized for you.

Premium National Park Tour for Couple


Get your cameras ready for some of the most beautiful lookout points in the world.

Mercedes Benz Private Premium Yosemite Tour


Get picked up in San Fransisco at your convenience in a Mercedes GL 450.

White Wolf Tours Premium Yosemite Meal


Savor your trip even more with handcrafted, gourmet meals from Yosemite’s top restaurants.

Contact White Wolf to Book Your Private Tour

Call us at 415.351.9090 or send us a private message.

About Us

We are small and family owned, and began because after years of guiding, to Yosemite and other astonishing spots in America, we knew we could do it better. We could break the traditional tour mold and instead be hosts to what we know best — the places we love.

What our customers say about us

“Dylan was great. Very down-to-earth, genuine, and a great conversationalist. Made a long day go by quickly. Very knowledgeable and professional. We really enjoyed our time in the park. Thank you!”

“White Wolf Tours is a first-class operation. They were authentic and truly knowledgeable of every aspect of our trip.”

“Thank you for guiding our experience in that piece of heaven called Yosemite. Thank you for caring about us and making us your family.”

“Ten out of ten, spot on, fantástico, gorgeous time. This company will be big soon thanks to the things you do.”

“You provide an experience that money cannot buy. Thanks for being so kind and helpful and making sure we had the best time.”

“Outstanding tour with a wealth of information!”

“I feel so fortunate and privileged to be shown this magnificent place by someone who knows and is passionate about Yosemite.”

“Thanks to you we had the warmest welcome in San Francisco, right from our first day.”

“You single-handedly made seeing the things one could only dream of, a reality. On top of that, your hospitality was second-to-none. Thank you.”

“Best experience of our entire trip to America. Professional and friendly and quite simply exceptional. Highly recommend this firm to everyone.”

“The perfect way to explore Yosemite. We had a wonderful time discovering Yosemite with Dylan. He was super nice and accommodating, the whole trip went smoothly. Would definitely recommend to anyone!”