Luxury Private Yosemite One Day Tour

For a Couple

Morning Agenda

Qihong and Sally, one from China and the other Japan, are a couple who traveled to America as a break from their education. Their parents, as a present, gave them an all-expense paid trip to California. What the couple did not know, though, was that Yosemite existed, and after arriving in San Francisco and researching the possibilities, called us to create a last-minute tour for them. Because of prior hotel and flight commitments, Qihong and Sally had only one day to explore.

Below is an outline of the tour we provided them, republished with their permission, as an example of what we can offer.

Lunch Agenda

After our drive to Yosemite in our luxury, private Mercedes GL 450, and after Qihong and Sally chose their fresh ingredients for lunch, we arrived in the Valley to enjoy our custom picnic near the Merced River, a beautiful spot to enjoy Yosemite during it’s roaring, springtime waters.

During our healthy lunch, we showed Qihong and Sally the best spots in Yosemite for a one day tour, and more importantly, explained why, and matched it with stories, so the couple could maximize their time here.

Once a game plan was chosen, and we headed out for an intermediate hike and ranger talk per their request.

Afternoon Agenda

The afternoon consisted of filling in the couple’s experience of Yosemite with as many facts as possible, while still keeping the trip calm and enjoyable. The hike we chose was Lower Yosemite Falls, including a few secret trails to showcase the big wall rock climbers, an activity which was invented in Yosemite, and also experience the roaring spring waterfalls and rivers.

Saying Farewell

Upon our departure from Yosemite Valley, we made our way back to San Francisco. We passed several spots along the way, and got to know each other a little better on the ride back. The day was filled with fun, luxury and a good time.

We arrived back in San Francisco with time to spare, and it was a clear night, so we took in the view of the city from Treasure Island, then headed back to the Fairmont Hotel to drop off the family. They had a wonderful time, and we were grateful we were able to show them the place we love, even if only for a short amount of time.

A Quick Recap

By The Numbers

15 Viewpoints
12 Major Landmarks
9 Narratives About Yosemite
1 Satisfied Family

Our Mission

Time, especially when you are flying from far away, is always a factor for when you see Yosemite. If it’s not your final destination, it’s a part on the way. But many people don’t realize how large California actually is. So we are here to burden the trouble of a luxurious one-day tour. With an expert, you pass the wasted time and instead see the important things, with more time to hike and enjoy your surroundings.

Although it seems tight, Yosemite in one day is definitely possible.

Where We Went

On our Private Yosemite One Day Tour

A Note from White Wolf Tours

Some might believe that to outline our private Yosemite tour and describe the methods of achieving our goals online for the competition to see and copy is foolish. But we believe that generosity of spirit, providing a good product, and word of mouth will continue to attract people who want to be hosted in San Francisco properly. As no two people are alike, no two tour companies are duplicates of one another. We are proud to be White Wolf Private Tours, your Yosemite luxury tour specialists.

What Qihong & Sally say about us

“Dylan was amazing throughout the trip, bringing us to the best views and hikes. He even takes special requests (bear watching).”

Qihong R.Beijing

“The tour is very well rounded and Dylan is super knowledgeable. I am glad we had him to show us the important locations because we only had limited time.”