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    Yosemite Winter Clouds on Private Tour

Reservations & Rates

Hourly or Single Day Tours

Our guides are available for 17 hours maximum. Rates do not include meals or gratuity. *Driving must end 15 hours from the time driving commences.

Hourly Rate $135

Yosemite one day tour $1,200

Private San Francisco Tours

Feel welcome beyond Yosemite. We can accommodate your group of 1-3 adults, with additional room for two children. *Four hour minimum.

san francisco city tour* Hourly

Carmel and big sur Hourly

Yosemite Guided Hiking Tours

Guests must be physically fit and over 16 years of age. We provide your ultralight tent, sleeping bag, mattress, rucksack, equipment and food (everything except your clothes & footwear). Each guest must carry his or her own backpack. All tours are private and catered to you. Four guests maximum. *Four days, three nights.

private hike for 3 $2,000/Guest*

Each additional night 500/Guest

Two-night minimum; 3-4 nights recommended

Private Driver to Yosemite

Reserve your one-way ride with a private Yosemite expert to or from the national park. Pickup and drop-off locations include Fresno and Merced Airports, and San Francisco. *Guest numbers limited — please view our seating chart.

...to yosemite* $1,200

...from yosemite* $700

airport pickup/ dropoff $100

Multi-Day Hotel Tours

We can host guests wishing a luxury Yosemite hotel or hotel experience along the California coast to Los Angeles. *Average luxury hotel room fee; reserved by us with one year’s advance notice.

daily rate $1,200/Day

hotel room fee* $700/Night

guide overnight hotel fee $300/Night

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