Sample Private Half Dome Hike

For a Couple

A Honeymoon to Remember

Christian and Lina, newlyweds from Berlin, Germany, were planning a one month-long honeymoon tour and summer road trip in the American west. As a wedding present from their family, they received a privately guided hike to the top of Half Dome with us, with equipment and luxury transportation from and to San Francisco included, to begin their honeymoon in a memorable way.

Below is a brief description of the tour we provided, published with their permission, as an example of what we can offer.

Day 1

While in San Francisco

Before our journey to Yosemite National Park began, we provided a safety meeting for the couple in San Francisco. There, we distributed equipment, showed how each item in their rucksack worked, and answered any questions they had about the upcoming experience. After our discussion, which took about two hours, Lina and Christian were free to relax and explore San Francisco—and ponder the wonders of Yosemite which were soon to come.

The next morning we departed, and upon arrival at the beloved site, we showed the couple the beauty of Yosemite Valley, providing a bespoke picnic lunch before we privately hiked into the Yosemite wilderness.

The Legend of Half Dome

Because Half Dome is often a tough climb for first-time visitors, we require a three-night, four-day stay for ascents—for our guests to properly acclimate to Yosemite’s mile-high cliffs and to see the National Park and Half Dome in the correct way, the way naturalist John Muir would approve of.

We explained this to Christian and Lina, and they vigorously agreed. On their honeymoon, they aimed to explore the hidden corners of America and spend time privately with one another (and what better place than the Yosemite wilderness?), while not to compromising their safety.

And after two days of river crossings, walking pathways alongside majestic wildlife, and exploring miles of Yosemite’s trails beyond the crowds, we arrived at our staging campsite at the base of Half Dome.

Day 2

Our Summit Day

The first view of Half Dome, with its infamous safety cables stretching to the top of its smooth, granite surface, can be intimidating, even for a seasoned hiker. The majority of the first-time ascenders, in fact, drastically underestimate the climb and the effort involved.

But after two days of hiking and education with us, Christian and Lina were prepared for their ascent. We showed them our tips and tricks for the cables, and described the mental strength required for success. Our experience told us they could reach the top more easily with our advice—and they did.

Both agreed the views and memories from the top of Half Dome were priceless, an adventure they will never forget for as long as they live.

Saying Farewell

Christian and Lina came to America for their honeymoon and were ready for a month-long road trip of the West, but they had no idea of the journey in store for them: a private hike up Yosemite’s famed Half Dome. Upon our return to civilization, with our muscles sore and tired (which the couple happily agreed was 100% worth the effort), they mentioned they now had a good reason to add a spa treatment in San Francisco.

Lina and Christian continued their honeymoon to several other National Parks in the West, although once they returned home, they contacted us to insist that none of them quite compared to their experience hiking Half Dome.

Day 3

Disconnect to Connect

Sometimes the greatest present you can give yourself is the reconnection to self and family through nature. Unfortunately, though, in today’s connected society, many rarely do, even when visiting Yosemite, one of the first National Parks on earth. Only when one is forced to put the phone down (except for stellar photo ops) and hike can a person truly understand that there are connections among us that are stronger than a cellular one.

A Quick Recap

By The Numbers

22 miles of trails
7+ Yosemite Landmarks
1 Iconic National Park
1 Satisfied Couple

Our Mission

At White Wolf Private Tours, we believe a wilderness tour should be planned in a way to recreate the Yosemite John Muir fell in love with—unplugged, with only nature, no phone and no connections (except for photos). Imagine, the only interaction you have is with yourself, your fellow hikers, and nature. We do it like this because both our guests, and the National Park, deserve it.

It’s the only way to show an authentic Yosemite experience—one you will cherish and never forget.

Where We Went

On Our Private Half Dome Hike

A Note from White Wolf Private Tours

What is our favorite Yosemite tour? Like choosing a favorite child, we cannot pick one. Half Dome and its bucket-list caliber climb is one you will remember for the rest of your life. However, with those memories come crowds, because like climbing Mt. Everest, many others desire to do the same legendary ascent.

If you choose to hike with us on our private Half Dome tour, please know, although we can walk a trail toward Half Dome with fewer hikers, your ascent up the cables will most likely involve others. If crowds are not your thing, please consider one of our other private Yosemite wilderness tours.

What Lina and Christian say about us

“Yosemite is a jewel of nature and you are one of its keepers. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!”

Christian S.Berlin, Germany

“It’s been a real gift to experience what you’ve created with so much love and passion. Keep doing what you are doing and White Wolf will go far!”

Lina L. Potsdam, Germany