Privately Escape to Yosemite’s Wilderness

Due to circumstances beyond your control, that trip to Disneyland, to the NCAA Final Four, or to visit the Pope in Rome this year might be off the table, and it’s certainly a good time to diligently wash your hands and avoid large crowds, but does that mean you’re condemned to work 24/7 or suffer from cabin fever until you’re ready to scream?

Not necessarily. The travel industry, among others, has taken a big beating during the recent health scare, no question about it. Airlines, bus companies, hotels, tour businesses, convention centers, travel agencies, and related firms are suffering. Some are running on fumes. Some won’t survive.

Those that do may have to adapt their business model. We’re luckier than many businesses in that we don’t need a large crowd to succeed. We specialize, in fact, in providing once-in-a-lifetime private Yosemite wilderness experiences to small groups. We can privately and safely guide you into Yosemite, away from the crowds, for a wondrous hiking experience that offers the added advantage of teaching you wilderness survival skills if you’re that worried about the future.

Our expert private tour guides provide not only exercise, with hiking to your ability, and great photo ops, but also historical tidbits, sumptuous campfire food, and a unique opportunity to commune with your companions and rejuvenate your spirit and soul.

No place is guaranteed germ-free, including Yosemite, but hands down, the natural environment, with fewer people, beats the odds. While it may be time to downsize your vacation, it doesn’t mean you must downsize your experience. Au contraire. Now is the perfect time to think outside the city experience and return to nature.