Escape From Your Smartphone

Yosemite Digital Detox Tour

How many minutes, or dare we say hours, has your screen time increased in the last five years?

In the tour industry alone, the change is drastic. Instead of visiting a place to appreciate its wonder and restore the soul, many are opting for photos instead. We’re all for doing whatever makes you happy, but can you at least think about traveling or even eating dinner without staring at your mobile phone 24-7?

Unfortunately, if you live in a big city such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, or any other metropolitan area, to get away from technology can be difficult, impossible even, unless you make a conscious effort to put your phone away.

If you are okay with being wired constantly, this article is not for you. However, if at times you want to hit reset on your brain, then the solution may be here, in the form of a private Yosemite wilderness hike in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Black Bear in the Yosemite Backcountry

“Hey,” you may say, “if I’m going on a beautiful hike, I want to bring my phone with me so I can take photos.” No fears, we encourage that. However, what we encourage more is to venture beyond the reach of your cellular signal, where few Yosemite first-timers go.

Most Pacific Crest Trail hikers agree. There truly is nothing more satisfying than hiking into the wilderness privately for an extended period of time. Even if your phone dies, you see that many normal troubles of the world, even nuclear weapons pointed at us or voting booths being rigged, just don’t matter, at least for now.

Instead, what matters is the here and now, such as swimming in that crystal clear lake with rainbow trout, or hiking to the top of that mountain to view the sunset of a lifetime.

Private Wilderness Digital Detox Tour Landscape

Can you think of the last time you went without your phone or checking emails or texts for more than three days straight? Fifteen years ago, what were you doing instead? That’s one of the reasons we enjoy visiting Yosemite. At least now, there are many parts of the park without access to a cellular tower. And we say “Perfect!” Get away from the real world.

You do want to see the real, real world, don’t you?

No doubt technology has a firm grip on the world today. In fact, you have to be careful of how you speak about it when you bring it up in conversation. Truly, we’re not criticizing. We are merely saying technology doesn’t have to hold you in a vise grip. We’re not immune, either. How else could we write and get this blog post to you without technology?

Chipmunk on Private Yosemite Tour without Technology

The important thing is balance. Are you able to break away from technology, take a deep breath of fresh air and watch the clouds go by? Even in major cities such as New York and San Francisco, you can do that.

Seeing a sunset through a screen is not the same. It’s like watching a great football on TV. Sure, you can enjoy it, but nothing compares with sitting in the stands, soaking up the crowd vibes, feeling the energy of the players.

When life becomes difficult or unbalanced, or we become overwhelmed or any of our friends do, we recommend the same things for families time and time again: a private Yosemite wilderness hike reconnect with yourself. Reserve your tour today.