Yosemite Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Private Wedding in Yosemite

Photo by Michael Morse at Michael Morse Photography

The traditions of old, although memorable and valuable, are changing. The next big thing is always around the corner, and it only takes one person with an idea to make it happen, to do something different.

Although you can be respectful of tradition and how it always was, you can be clever and blaze a new frontier, too. It’s all on how you want to shape your life. The world did not stay flat.

Did you ever consider honeymooning in a new way? At White Wolf, we receive a few phone calls for honeymoon hikes in Yosemite each year. We offer an opportunity for a couple to be alone in nature (with our private tour guide, who can stay close or far, depending on the couple’s desires), and there is no better place to accomplish this than in Yosemite. Rose pedals on a bed in Hawaii can’t compare for those who love nature.

Have you ever considered hiking to the top of Half Dome for your honeymoon? Or doing more, such as bringing a bridal party of eight of your closest friends for a hike into the Yosemite wilderness? Yes, you’ll get dirty and sweaty, and your muscles may even ache once things are done, but you’ll create lasting memories as you witness some of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Our private tour guides can be your logistics manager for an unforgettable honeymoon in world-famous Yosemite National Park. Whether you need the hiking gear, someone to show you around, someone to point you in the right direction, or to lead eight of your family and friends into the wilderness to camp amongst bears safely, we have the knowledge and system ready to make it happen, in private and avoiding the crowds.

Yosemite Wedding

Photo by Donny Alexander at Yosemite Adventure Elopements

Getting Married in Yosemite

Do you want to go one step further and get married in Yosemite? Imagine Half Dome in the background of your wedding photos. Or better yet, standing on top of Half Dome for the photo op of a lifetime. Did you think it was possible? Of course it is. A wedding in Yosemite can happen no matter how big or small you want it to be. Where do you think Steve Jobs got married?

We understand your challenges in planning an adventure wedding. Coming from outside California, say, New York, it can be even more of a headache. You’ll need to fly into California (many of your family coming from different parts of the country), provide hiking gear for everyone, and make sure they can stay safe. With a wedding you have enough things to worry about, and now a hike? Really?

But what if we told you we could handle your logistics, from landing at the airport in San Francisco to arriving in Yosemite and returning to the city, with a professional, private tour guide (or more) as your dedicated wedding assistants who know Yosemite as our backyard.

And when you meet our private guides, you’ll realize we adapt to you. What type of wedding are you looking for? Does everyone want to stay in a hotel and sip red wine around the fireplace, or do some want to adventure into the woods for a night or two of camping under the stars? We can help you plan everything from beginning to end, and even point you in the right direction to a better company that can service your needs if we are not the correct one for your dream experience. We understand. This is your wedding!

But imagine the ease. You can fly into San Francisco with a clear mind, explore the city, maybe even do a Napa wine tour with a sommelier, and be ready for your wedding in Yosemite the next day. We’ll provide comfortable transportation from San Francisco, all the hiking gear you need, and even tents if you want to stay overnight in the woods. We’ll show you Yosemite without the “tour” feeling. Talk about a destination wedding with unique memories!

Get Married in Yosemite

Photo by Donny Alexander at Yosemite Adventure Elopements

Do You Need Yosemite Wedding Photographers and Officiants?

Not every photographer can handle the wilderness. If you need a local, trustworthy photographer for your Yosemite wedding, we can provide that, too. It’s difficult enough to find award winning photographers for Yosemite, let alone those who know the ebb and flow of the park and how it best relates to your wedding. Not every wedding photographer can be a Yosemite wedding photographer.

The same goes for Yosemite wedding officiants. Yes, maybe someone in your family married your parents, your grandparents, and we get it. However, that person may not be able to scale Half Dome or climb El Capitan if the situation calls for it. The best wedding officiants, especially when it comes to Yosemite, are those who are able to bend to your dream, whether you want to hike deep in the woods, tie the knot in the Ahwahnee Hotel or get married on the side of El Capitan as you dangle from ropes. We know the licensed Yosemite wedding officiants and can connect you.

Married in Yosemite Photographer

Photo by Michael Morse at Michael Morse Photography

Weddings in Yosemite from San Francisco

No matter where you choose to have your destination wedding, what matters in the end is the love and marriage between two people. The bond you create can last an eternity. When you bring your friends, family and soon-to-be family into the experience, you can make your destination wedding experience even more rewarding.

However, in a location such as Yosemite, where if you want to do things correctly, you need the experts, we urge that before you reserve your Yosemite wedding or honeymoon, to read the fine print. Your permits, itinerary, San Francisco hotel reservations, hiking gear, transportation, a private Yosemite guide to show you the best places in the world-famous park, the most stunning photo stops—do you have all those details taken care of?

If not, or if you want the ease of going with experts, then we can help you with your bespoke Yosemite needs, beginning in San Francisco. We want to make your Yosemite wedding or honeymoon an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.