Private Yosemite Hike from San Francisco

Privately hike in Yosemite, away from the crowds.

The biggest benefit you’ll get from hiking the backcountry of the spectacular Yosemite National Park isn’t what you’ll see, although those sights will likely stay with you for the rest of your life.

The wilderness trails of the 1,187-square-mile park also offer you a treasured gift that naturalist and environmental John Muir and many explorers before and after him knew and understood: the soothing and decluttering of the mind, heart and soul.

Imagine what it would feel like to not have thoughts pinging around your brain. How you’re going to finish that project, when and what to buy for expected company, the letter you need to write and have been putting off, cleaning out the _____________ (fill in the blank—garage, refrigerator, closet, car, office, basement, attic). Maybe you’re wrestling over a tough decision, seeking a new job, planning to move. You might be concerned about a skin growth or back twinge, or one of the kids is in trouble.

Getting back to nature won’t solve your problems, but it could help put them into perspective without the sounds of traffic, trains, neighbors, airplanes, typing, co-workers or the washer or dryer clogging up your mind. Walking in the backcountry is much like getting a massage of the spirit. It helps some people put things into perspective and figure out what’s really important to them.

Mabel from Florida in Yosemite

Hiking in nature for a complete Yosemite digital detox.

You’ve most likely taken the vacation that you’ve been so busy during that you need a few days to recover when you get home. Those active, adrenaline-filled vacays have their place, but for our money, you can’t compare those trips to a simple walk in the woods. Just thinking about, it we can smell the pine trees, hear the birds, picture the native Americans of yesteryear treading the paths. Do you want to lower your blood pressure, calm your nerves, renew your spirit? Let us lead you on the trek of a lifetime…in the Yosemite backcountry.