Yosemite backcountry fire on digital detox hike

A Yosemite backcountry fire after a long day of hiking.

Are you working to live or living to work? Do you have your dream job? Do you wake up each workday excited to earn your living? Do you think up new ideas, while taking a shower, that will help you fulfill your work goals? It’s never too late to change paths.

You have to be realistic, of course. It may, indeed, be too late for you to become an Olympic speed skater. Your hands may be a little shaky to perform neurosurgery. You might not have the talent to become a rock star or famous artist.

But guess what? You don’t have to stay where you are if you’re not happy. Many people learned this during the pandemic, when they were forced to work remotely. They discovered they didn’t really want to go back to their old jobs. Sometimes we just get in a rut or on a treadmill and keep plodding along without thinking about what we’re doing. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, fill a few evening hours and do the same thing the next day and the next day and the next day. Working remotely gave people a chance to step back and think about how much time and money they spent commuting, paying for gas, buying coffee and lunch, working at a job they didn’t especially like.

Maybe you’re working at a job that you don’t hate. You like your co-workers and your boss. Things could be much worse. But what if your passion is thoroughbred horses? Maybe you can’t afford to own them, but could you groom them? Help train them? Write about them? Maybe you work indoors but you love the outdoors, or vice versa. Why not research all the possible jobs that would better fit your interests?

Private Yosemite tour for four

Friendly guests from Singapore on 4-Mile Trail.

Ours is a dream job for us. We meet new people every day, which almost guarantees we learn something new every day, and we get to introduce them to some of the most awesome places on the planet: Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, the California Coast, Silicon Valley, Redwood National Forest. Meeting people and constantly traveling might sound awful to someone who would rather stay indoors and stay put. Different strokes for different folks. We’re good at our job because we love it. Come see Yosemite with us.