Yosemite For Senior Citizens

Top of Yosemite’s Vernal Fall.

So you’re a senior citizen, even if you don’t feel like one. And if you’re like a lot of baby boomers, you’re thinking, “If not now, when?” When are you going to travel and experience the luxury you deserve and have worked so hard to earn? There isn’t one right way to enjoy the wondrous Yosemite National Park, but an exclusive, private tour with your personal Yosemite guide ranks right up there at the top.

For example, our private Yosemite tour is customized to your capabilities and needs. Ready to run a marathon in the park? We’ve got your back. Need to baby that sore knee and take it easy for the weekend? Not a problem. Your first-class, private tour starts in San Francisco in a comfortable Mercedes GL 450 with only your group, where your expert guide will entertain you with interesting facts about Yosemite as you wind down the roads to the park, and let you take in the scenery in silence as you hike and absorb the wonder that is Yosemite Valley.

That scenery in the famed national park is breathtaking and enriches the soul. The air is cleaner, the water crystal clear, the trees magnificent and the stars seem closer. And food somehow tastes better after an invigorating hike, especially when cooked over a crackling campfire. And not all the important decisions are made in a boardroom. Sometimes revelations occur sitting around that campfire, whether you are with your co-workers on a San Francisco corporate retreat or your significant other on a weekend getaway.

Private Yosemite Weekend Getaway Tour

Exploring Yosemite’s big trees on a mild winter afternoon.

Is camping not your thing? We can arrange accommodations for you at the luxurious, centrally-located Ahwahnee Hotel (within reason—Yosemite reservations tend to sell out quickly), where you can partake of chilled crab, artichoke and spinach dip, a pulled Kurobuta pork sandwich or an old-fashioned chili dog. But suppose you picture yourself cozying up in your provided tent in the backcountry, where you hike and experience Yosemite just as John Muir did in the 1800s, with a rustic yet safe journey into the wilderness. In that case, you just may marvel at the top-of-the-line La Guita organic hiking meals we provide, such as Apple Pie Oatmeal or Vegan Minestrone.

Yosemite isn’t just for young people or athletes or those on a budget. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor in comfort and luxury. If not now, when?