Hire a Private Driver for Your First-time San Francisco Visit

Mercedes Tour San Francisco

Just about everyone who visits San Francisco falls into a category. Some come for business, others for pleasure, and still others just stop by on the way to their next destination.

The ones who do stay longer, especially those flying into SFO or one of the nearby private airports, usually plan to do more than just see the Golden Gate Bridge. Typically, they fall into the following categories:

The Locals

This group, of course, is what San Francisco is built upon. The homeowners. The long-term renters. The business owners. These are the residents who help shape the character of the city where we live and where others love to visit. But once this group lands at the airport, because they have roots here, usually a family member or a friend will pick them up from SFO, or they hop in their own car to drive home to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, or Marin County. Rarely, if ever, do these folks ask for our private tour services in the city. They live here and know the city well.

The Business Travelers

These travelers include businessmen and women who may be visiting San Francisco for a conference, such as the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, or even other professionals, such as athletes or musicians or even interior decorators. They can be in the city for a gig or a charitable event. These visitors are semi-locals—ones who have been here plenty of times, know the layout of San Francisco, a few good restaurants, and the weather, and they could maybe even give short private San Francisco tours themselves.

Often, business travelers are driven from the airport to San Francisco by a private driver wearing a suit. This driver chauffeurs them from point A to point B. Again, these folks are rarely our clientele (at least not in San Francisco, unless they would prefer us to host a guest for them. For our private Yosemite guided hikes, these may be our clients, but that’s another story.)

San Francisco First-Time Luxury Visitors

These are the folks we mainly serve—our true guests. We help them both in-person and online. And if you are reading these words from a search online, you most likely fall into this category as well.

You probably want more than a chauffeur to show you San Francisco. And you are not really looking for a person wearing a suit and tie. Instead, you want a business professional, and you want an expert. Truthfully, as a luxury traveler, the in-depth knowledge and expertise are what you are paying for, not a memorized description of every landmark. Several factors make our trips luxurious, from the comfortable ride to excellent meals to the customized tour. Our business attracts honeymooning couples, business professionals, young and old friends, and those seeking to connect or re-connect with business associates or family members. After our tour, you may understand San Francisco so well you won’t need us on future visits. Great! That’s the point, to empower you to grasp our city so you can feel confident to explore on your own.

You want your first visit—or first in-depth visit—to San Francisco to be comfortable, educational, time-efficient, and worry-free, and that’s what we offer, no matter what type of client you consider yourself to be.

San Francisco Private Tour with Golden Gate Bridge

Do You Fall Into A Category?

Maybe you do fit one of the descriptions above, and maybe you don’t. And maybe your situation is totally unique. And that’s our main point.

Can your tour company adjust and bend and mold to who you are? Are the tour guides able to show you a home and place they love as a good friend, no matter what may be happening? And do they actually enjoy it and want you to learn so much you won’t need them in the future?

That is the difference when you book a private San Francisco city tour with us. Teamwork goes farther than driving you from Point A to Point B and saying the same thing today that was said yesterday. We are so much more than a chauffeur.