Stay Safe on Yosemite’s Hiking Trails

Since the world has been turned on its head by Covid-19, we’ve seen direct changes in the tour industry. A shift in consumer behavior during the pandemic has altered San Francisco hotel room demand, destination requests, tourism and more.

And the words “social distancing” come up in almost every one of our tour reservation conversations, sometimes because the consumer is scared, but more often because people are cautious and want to confirm their families will be safe. We understand; we do the same thing.

First off, we are lucky to have conducted private tours of San Francisco and Yosemite before the recent health crisis. The level of cleanliness and standards we enforced barely changed because we already had these procedures in place. Whether it was hand sanitizer for every guest, a private tour and guide only for your family or making sure your family was safe from the crowds, we were on it, because that is what we believed providing a quality tour entailed. Social distancing for an authentic, private Yosemite experience was a key part of our business plan.

At the time, before the pandemic hit, it wasn’t called social distancing. Instead, we described it as avoiding the crowds and showing you the real Yosemite. It was the business model we built our company on. Everybody who visits Yosemite does one thing; we do another, and in the process, we provide the private tour you deserve.

Even when other tour companies begin to copy our business model during the pandemic (as they most certainly will), we will already have moved on to the next phase in our plan to be the best possible tour company. Our goal is to show Yosemite the right way, and that always means being one step ahead of the crowds. Not for a paycheck, but to provide the best tour possible. We know if we abide by our goal of being the best at what we do, the rest will fall into place.

And part of that plan means social distancing. Most tour companies like to put as many people together as possible to create the most profit. We get it. The doors of a business need to stay open. We, however, feel we can provide a higher quality tour, offer more and even provide a luxury experience while only raising the price minimally. For that added expense, you can privately hike in Yosemite with an expert tour guide. We’ll even provide your luxury ride from San Francisco, which no other Yosemite guide service offers. And remember, these opportunities were in place before “social distancing” was a thing.

Sophistication without the tie.

When it comes to the tour, we know Yosemite intimately. Our favorite private Yosemite tours, in fact, are when guests trust us and let us take control. They give us a time frame, their health status (how far they can hike with a backpack), and we do the rest. That is when freedom really opens up and we are able to go anywhere along the 800 miles of trails in Yosemite, away from any signs of other people. You want social distancing in Yosemite? We can lead you where you will not see another person for days.

You will see the marketing for social distancing in Yosemite soon. Really, companies will be changing their business model to attempt to satisfy a new demand shortly. And we don’t blame them. However, when it comes to social distancing in the popular national park, choosing a private tour company that prided themselves on that before it was a thing might be your best bet. It’s the only way to see Yosemite privately led by those who stay ahead of the tour curve.