Private California Tour for Seniors

Experience the California coast in the morning and be in Yosemite National Park by noon.

You’re retired or you own your own business and can take time off whenever you wish. You’ve decided you’d like to visit Yosemite National Park. But now questions abound. Should you book through a travel agency or Google for the best option? Are you thinking budget or luxury? Can you fly into Yosemite? Are you better off driving yourself? Should you bring your own food and cook over a campfire, bring hiking meals or plan on dining in a nearby restaurant? Your choices will no doubt make a difference on how much you enjoy your visit to the park.

Back in the day, before the internet and Google and other search engines, the obvious choice for people who could easily afford it was to book any trip through a travel agency via a phone call or meeting. Now, you can book online through a travel agency or other middleman—or cut to the chase and directly book the tour that feels right to you. This makes the process less complicated and typically saves money as well.

Now you’ve decided to book directly. Do you want a private or public tour? One advantage of our private tours, besides fewer people and no strangers to rub shoulders with, is that our Yosemite private tour guides employ backup plans if the park is too crowded. You’ll never run out of astounding, scenic views in Yosemite, and we know where they are. And by the way, if you decide to drive your car in the park, don’t count on your GPS or smartphone working. Often there’s no signal available.

Yosemite Falls at sunset

Yosemite Falls on a serene summer evening.

If you book a private Yosemite tour with us, you won’t need to bring any food or camping gear. Our expert guides provide all that (or will take you to a fine dining restaurant), as well as a wealth of information, cozy campfire, camaraderie and the experience of a lifetime. We provide budget and luxury tours of Yosemite and recommend the luxury tour, which we can customize to your needs. And no, you can’t fly into Yosemite, but we’ll drive you there from San Francisco.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us. We’re here to help.