Luxury Tours of San Francisco and Yosemite

Deer on a Private Half Dome Tour

The Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton and the Fairmont are all considered luxury hotels. They provide exceptional service and accommodations.

Each hotel, however, has its own idea of class and how to best present that luxury and service. Some are down-to-earth; others are more akin to offering butler service. Still others believe the customer is always right, no matter what. White Wolf provides luxury tours the right way.

Yosemite Purple Sky

Luxury to us means introducing you to Yosemite National Park as we would a trusted friend, the right way—with integrity and depth. Yosemite isn’t just a stunning array of trees, mountains and streams.

If you only go to see the most popular sights, you’ll miss so much, including the fascinating history—the stories that bring the park to life—and the out-of-the-way places that feed the soul.

And just think: You can experience these psyche-enriching sites without all the people who pack the park after reading about the popular spots online.

Luxury Yosemite Tour Dragonfly

Our goal is to introduce you to the park as the rangers and veteran rock climbers and true devotees see it, and perhaps to inspire a lifetime of return visits—to Yosemite or any other park of the protected National Park lands. We want you to feel as John Muir must have felt every time he stepped into the wilderness that was, and still is, Yosemite.

Sherpas have their place guiding the mountain climbers on Mt. Everest, but we believe in self-sufficiency when it comes to Yosemite. We’ll instruct you on how to safely carry the proper gear, offering expert guidance, the same way Teddy Roosevelt toured the park in 1903.

Our private Yosemite tour doesn’t mean you won’t exert effort; it means you’ll enjoy a unique, one-of-a-kind visit to Yosemite in a way few people on the planet get to experience.

Yosemite Valley Stars

We’ve visited the iconic park so many times we think of it as home. And we invite you into our home to immerse yourself in a place like no other on earth. Any tour guide can lead you to Half Dome, and we gladly will, but with White Wolf Private Tours, you’re not really paying for a tour; you’re paying for our expertise, which goes way beyond the popular hot spots.

And one other difference between us and many other tour operators: With us, once you’ve paid for your private tour, keep your wallet in your pocket; we won’t nickel and dime you for added expenses.

Would you like to see the real Yosemite? Reserve a tour and let us be your host.