Be Hosted in San Francisco and Yosemite Correctly

Private Yosemite Waterfall Hike

Believe it or not, White Wolf Private Tours was founded to provide the most unique and rewarding tour experience possible.

Here, we understand one basic concept of touring: If you’re not completely comfortable, physically, mentally and emotionally, you will not get the full enjoyment from your private tour in San Francisco, Yosemite or anywhere else. We believe that a tour should be both memorable and magical.

Think of it this way: What if a quality friend came to visit and you took him/her on a guided tour of a city you knew from a local’s perspective? You would show your guest the famous landmarks in your town but also the places only the locals know—the one-of-a-kind restaurant, the funky shops, a natural habitat for sea lions, or a house dating back to the 18th century.

Victorian Architecture Tour

You would also make sure your visitor felt comfortable, whatever that would entail—a clean, classy vehicle, good company and open ears.

Just like you, we want to know what our guests want to see and do. What can we do to make their tour more enjoyable and more special to them? We combine their desires with our knowledge and expertise to create a private, luxurious, unforgettable tour.

Sausalito Boat Houses

Every tour guide—and every tourist—has experienced at least one of those non-magical tours, memorable only in its lameness. And to our way of thinking, a mediocre tour is worse than a terrible tour.

At least a terrible tour is eventful. A mediocre tour just leaves one with a sense of the blahs.

Do you want to privately see the real San Francisco? We’re happy to show you Coit Tower, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Bay Area is so much more than that. What about more hidden, scenic nearby spots: Land’s End, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Point Lobos?

Yoda Statue Luxury White Wolf Tour

Tourists to San Francisco often see a romanticized view of the city. Sometimes they end up with a negative opinion. Every city is different, and nowhere is that more obvious than here. We want to be the ones to gently ease you into the quirkiness that is San Francisco, and the wilderness of Yosemite. Ready for that classy, high-end, local tour? Reserve a private tour today.