Join our Expert Guides for a Private Yosemite Tour Planned Just for You

Yosemite Expert Guides

No one likes to be a number, a replaceable person in a crowd.

The best advantage of a private tour is that you are seen and heard. A White Wolf Private Tour is catered around your needs and desires. You don’t go where we want to take you, unless that’s your preference. We go where you want to go and see what you want to see.

Little Yosemite Valley

Are you partial to flora and fauna, the ocean, architecture, military history, the Oriental culture, Silicon Valley? We’re locals, with all the knowledge and experience that entails.

We don’t tell you when to take your private tour; you tell us when you’d like to go, and we’ll set the wheels in motion, literally.

Let’s talk about Yosemite.

Would you like to see as many falls as possible or otherwise take a photo-op private tour? Do you want to challenge yourself on a difficult hike or simply mosey up the trail? Are you interested in a true camping experience, albeit with several amenities, or do you want to stay at the luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel?

Private Yosemite Tour for Family

On our private tours, you set the agenda, and we’ll make it happen as long as it’s physically possible and legal. For Yosemite, here’s how it works: We get as much information as we can up front. Then, on the long drive to the popular national park, we’ll converse and find out in more detail what you’re interested in.

We’ve conducted hundreds of private tours in Yosemite and arguably know the park better than any other visitors.

Luxury Private Carmel Tour from San Francisco

The bottom line is this: With a private Yosemite or San Francisco tour, you get one specifically designed to meet your needs. And if that is avoiding the worst of the crowds, we’re your team. If it’s just pulling out a chair and simply enjoying the marvelous scenery while inhaling energizing fresh air, so be it. It’s your tour. Why be on everyone else’s tour?

Of course it costs more for a personal tour, but it’s more than worth it in memories and satisfaction.