What Luxury Means to Us

Luxury Private Yosemite Tour in Mercedes Benz

Do you know the difference between a one-size-fits-all tour and a luxury excursion?

First, luxury travelers pay for comfort, whether it’s for first-class flights, accommodations in a four- or five-diamond hotel or optimum seating at a concert or sporting event. The same concept applies to exploring the landmarks of San Francisco or other cities, the splendor of national parks such as Yosemite, the coast of California or just about anywhere. Luxury travelers don’t pay to see the sights by bus or average van. They have the right to travel in a posh vehicle that oozes sophistication.

Luxury travelers also deserve excellent food in comfortable, intriguing environments.

And they expect and pay for expert guides, ones who haven’t memorized a script but know their stops—landmarks, natural wonders, ethnic neighborhoods, architectural phenomenon and other sites—from the history to interesting anecdotes to philosophical thoughts on where they fit in the cosmos. That’s right, guides who converse intelligently and respectfully and use their expertise in taking advantage of traffic patterns and minimizing encounters with crowds.

Luxury Private Tour in San Francisco Ice Cream

And Don’t Forget Privacy.

On a typical tour, often with as many people as can be crammed into a vehicle, you may meet your new best friend. Then again, you may encounter several of the most annoying people on the planet. On a private luxury tour with White Wolf, the trip is yours alone. You decide who and how many people join you for an intimate and unforgettable journey. Remember, for us, a luxury tour means a customized trip designed just for you.

Our clients don’t visit two places they’re not especially interested in so that they can see the two they want to see.

Are you particularly drawn to old houses? We can organize a private tour focused on that. Do you want to concentrate on the different falls at Yosemite? We can offer that in a smooth, classy, sophisticated atmosphere. Are you interested in ethnic restaurants or high-tech companies? No problem. Do you want to hit the links at Pebble Beach with a business prospect or treat a friend to a unique tour of San Francisco, concentrating on the history? We’re there.