Yosemite Hiking is Not for Everyone

Private Yosemite Backcountry Guide

We are all individuals with our own tastes, talents, and needs. Some like sports, others more cerebral activities, and most enjoy watching their families grow up. Some of us like to leave a different kind of legacy.

In the western world, many of us are lucky enough to follow a path that makes us happy. Opportunities abound, for work, recreation or just reading books with your family on the front porch.

Really, we are fortunate even to be able to give back when we feel the time is right. We also can voice our opinions when we disagree.

Half Dome view from Clouds Rest

Now let’s talk about another option: hiking, specifically in the Yosemite wilderness.

Some luxury families would never be caught dead strapping on backpacks and walking into the Yosemite backcountry, no matter how beautiful it is. Sleep in a tent? No way, never, no how, and many times as a company we get an earful of it. And that’s fine. Different strokes for different folks.

On the other hand, for a luxury couple to enjoy the opportunity to venture into the Yosemite wilderness with an expert, someone who knows the ins and outs of the park and can really bring the trail to life, while keeping them safe—many see the value in that, especially in a beautiful spot such as Yosemite.

Private Yosemite Tour with Expert Guide

Hiking is not just walking. In today’s world, many of us are glued to our social media, whether it’s Twittter, Facebook, Instagram, texting, or even the stock market charts, kids and adults alike are glued to their devices, becoming more and more dependent on technology. It sometimes comes at the expense of forgetting the natural wonders of the world, or even that our calendar system and months of the year were based on the stars and moon.

You can’t see the stars if you’re looking down at your smartphone.

And to hike into the Yosemite backcountry and see those stars in person, with a private guide, with your equipment such as tent, sleeping bag and mattress all provided, and riding in luxury from your hotel’s front door in San Francisco to Yosemite and back —our customers really do see our value, and we are proud of that.

It is a complete Yosemite guide service which is untapped in our luxury market, and we are glad to bring it to you as a small family company.

Yosemite Granite Cliff Reflection on Private Tour

Just as a city such as San Francisco can attract all sorts of travelers—from foodies to sport aficionados to tech entrepreneurs to adventurers—so can Yosemite. Just as there is something to do for backcountry hikers, there is something to do for non-hikers, too.

For instance, are you into photography? In Yosemite, your main problem is making your photos look believable. Think of the natural firefall (Horsetail Fall), which sometimes glows orange and red at sunset in February. Or try to convince someone what that cliff actually looked like.

And you don’t need to hike at all to do that. You can go in luxury, and you can go privately.

Tunnel Tree

You also can brush up on your Yosemite history.

The stories Yosemite boasts are never-ending—from the first dedicated explorers, including Galen Clark and John Muir, the ones who paved the way for Yosemite with their writing, effort and conservation efforts, to birding tours, to the Indians and wildlife that populated the park over the centuries.

Yosemite truly comes to life when you visit during the right season with the right people.

Hiking with White Wolf in Yosemite gets you to the top of Half Dome, away from the crowds and in the wilderness privately, with only your loved ones and your guide. And many of the sights you see have not hit Instagram yet. We always recommend a private backcountry hike when you call. But rest assured, just as not everyone likes pasta, you can’t get a backpack on some people and that’s okay. There is still a Yosemite for you.