Your Comfort Is Our Top Concern

Private driver from Fresno Airport to Yosemite

Just because you enjoy luxury doesn’t mean you need to miss some of life’s best experiences, such as an African safari or a private Yosemite hike with your loved ones in the wilderness.

Luxury doesn’t just mean caviar and spa days; it also means going with the best of the best.

In the tour business, it means choosing guides who know their destinations inside and out, who know the history and the nuances, the best approaches, of every place they lead you. In San Francisco, it might mean a private tour complete with spa treatment or enjoying nature with an all-inclusive hike in Yosemite National Park away from the crowds.

Luxury to us means you go for the best; you pay for an experience like no other.

Luxury Tours Yosemite

We understand we offer far more than a tour. For our private Yosemite backcountry hiking tours, some would argue that to sleep in a tent, without your one thousand-count sheets and just above dirt, is not luxury. For the literal-minded, yes, one could say that.

But for most enlightened travelers, who understand they are seeing a location ONLY accessible on foot, where hotels will never spring up and most of the people on earth will never see, either, that is the real experience they pay for.

Private Yosemite Tour Eight-point Buck

Imagine safely hiking into a Yosemite wilderness filled with magnificent cliffs, trees, vegetation, rivers and bears and other animals, led by an expert who has walked the trails numerous times, is medically trained, and truly loves the environment.

It’s our job to make you feel safe and comfortable as you take in the breathtaking scenery and enrich your soul.

We do walk a fine line. Yes, we can do luxury and show you Yosemite as you stay in the palatial Ahwahnee Hotel, the Valley’s high-end hotel. That is a clear idea of luxury. But as Yosemite should be seen in the best way possible, we offer private backcountry hiking with our Yosemite guide service as well; otherwise, we feel we are being disrespectful to the national park.

For a tour company to claim to offer the best of Yosemite without offering a private hiking tour would be ridiculous in our view. And for the able bodied, is there a more correct way to view Yosemite? If it was good enough for Teddy Roosevelt in 1903, is it good enough for you?

Luxury Yosemite Tour White Wolf Landscape

After digesting the above, be assured your comfort is our top concern. It’s our duty, however, to offer to show you Yosemite in the best way possible. If that means leaving your pumps and pearls or your Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition suit at home, so be it. It’s worth it. Contact White Wolf to reserve your experience today.